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The Wrath of Katrina and her Aftermath...Descent into Madness

Tragedy has a way of sifting people... and desperation adds an additional filter to separate the best in people from the worst. A prime example is the recent destructive force of Hurricane Katrina.

Compare the situations of Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. As the storm came towards the coastline, the residents of New Orleans gave a figurative sigh of relief as they learned Katrina had moved to the east, at the same time that the residents in Biloxi braced themselves to receive the brunt of the storm. Katrina was viscous as she pounded three states.

When the rain subsided and people began to survey the damage, they were shocked and dismayed in Mississippi, and in Louisiana they were thankful that they had been spared the worst. Everything changed for them overnight when canals, retaining walls and levees began failing. The city was flooded and the people were devastated.

Many in New Orleans had evacuated their homes to ride out the storm at the Superdome, and now found they were cut off from outside help. People from all over the city were trying to get to shelters, many going to the Convention Center as directed by local authorities.

The storm displaced over 1.5 million people from their homes. Many of the people who had moved to evacuation points were not evacuated right away. There were no facilites for food, water, or waste. Trash and sewage piled up, and emotions ran high as no relief was in sight.

The lack of self-control that ensued was horrifying! There were reports of looting, beatings, rape, murder, and even shooting at the very rescue workers who were trying to bring food and water, and get people evacuated. It became a mob mentality, and some innocent people were just caught in the middle.

The nation looked on feeling helpless. The truly sad part is that every bit of violence and mayhem could have been avoided. It definitely was making a terrible situation worse. If even a fraction of these people had been raised to control themselves no matter what the situation around them, they could have worked together and supported each other.

Some groups did manage to control themselves better than others. It could be due to a higher moral standard, or possibly they just weren't as desperate. In some places in Mississippi the devastation was just as bad, but we heard no reports of the kind that came out of New Orleans.

The best and the worst in people... tragedy and destruction bring them out, and we saw prime examples of both from this disaster.

Desperation can do very bad things to people who are not trained to control themselves. The fact of the matter is that we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can control the manner in which we deal with what life brings us.

The choice is yours... get training on how to stay in control, and teach your children these same principles, or just wait and see which way the wind blows your emotions... or the emotions of those uncontrolled people around you.

We recommend The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to young and old alike. If it can make a difference to school age children and even prisoners... it can make a difference to you. With training there is hope.

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