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Character Education - A Peaceful Solution For the War Raging Nations
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Character Education -A Peaceful Solution For the War Raging Nations

Who would have believed it --that it could be so easy? Why is the world blinded to it? The most simple, obvious solution and yet so powerful ...A Peaceful Solution that can and will transform the world.

It is time to get out of our self centered world and open our eyes to the horrible suffering of the children and the people world wide. We often hear the phrase "do it for the children" and "the children are our future" yet the children are being sacrificed by the thousands and by the millions. History repeats itself over and over. All our leaders have done is talk and ask for more money that drains away into useless programs that do nothing but coat the pockets of the fatcats!

Why is it that mankind's history has been a history of violence and bloodshed, misery and worldwide poverty caused by WAR?

We have been taught throughout our lives that "practice makes perfect" and that "what you put into it is what you get out of it". We were taught that by rehearsing our letters and practicing our reading we would comprehend and excel at the written word. We were taught that by rehearsing our numbers and practicing our math we would learn to count and conduct business. We were taught that by learning the concepts of physical prowess, then rehearsing and practicing, we would excel among our sports-enthused teammates.

Ask yourself why it is that the very first things we should have been taught were never taught and rehearsed to us. We do not consistently rehearse and methodically teach our children how to interact with each other and society. Yes, Character Education is LEAST in the minds of the world and LEAST in importance when it should be taught first and foremost above all.

There is ever increasing crime, violence and immoral self-destructive values rampant among our youth because we are utterly failing to make sure they are being taught what they should be. We pat them on their heads and send them off to school or some religious education program that neglects to teach them what should be taught. We allow them to play violent perverse video games and allow the idiot box TV to babysit them. Who or what is really teaching your children and what are they actually learning? It is time to get our of your stupor of inaction and do the right thing!

Why is the world in the state it is? CLEARLY, violent, unrestrained immoral children grow up to be violent, unrestrained immoral adults. Does your responsibility end when your children are fed 3 square meals a day and sent off to school? I think NOT! No, the real responsibility and true love is in spending the time teaching your children and yes, other adults how to make correct choices. Protect and nurture your children; don't let someone else, be it school, video games or TV teach your child. The facts show that when children are left on their own to be taught by "world sources" that children choose violence which as adults leads to violent and abusive relationships and behaviors with their spouses, children and fellow man which perpetuates the violence and divorce cycle. They also choose sexual behaviors that nearly always result in STD's, many of which are incurable, which will either kill them within the next few years (HIV/AIDS) or lead to various cancers in later life (HPV), which perpetuates the sickness and misery cycle. ALL caused by you not teaching your children.

Is it Just Harmless Entertainment?  Oh really?

"-Research has shown that "mindless" television or video games may idle and impoverish the development of the pre-frontal cortex, or that portion of the brain that is responsible for planning, organizing and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgment and attention. - American Academy of Pediatrics - Understanding TV's effects on the developing brain, Jane M. Healy, Ph.D. (From May 1998 AAP News)
-Children often behave differently after they've been watching violent programs on television. Children who watched violent shows were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, disobey authority and were less willing to wait for things than children who watched nonviolent programs. - Facts/ TV Statistics "It's Just Harmless Entertainment" Oh really? American Psychological Association, Family and Relationships -Get the Facts: Children and Television Violence"

Break cycles that continue in every society of this world. We continue to live in the same moral stupor and inaction that plagued our forefathers. The cycle must be broken if we are to change the outcome. War does not bring about permanent peace. Peace can only be taught! Get off your duff and teach your children, your grandchildren, your students, your prison inmates. We cannot change our past but we can change the lives of our children and the world!

Most of us were never taught to think clearly as children and so we impart this same unclear not-think to our children and grandchildren and even to our associates. All children as well as adults need to be taught that we can control our thoughts and feelings (or attitudes) which will lead us to properly control our behaviors (or actions) which will result in positive rather than the all to common negative consequences which seem plague us these days.

Conflict Resolution, Self- Control, Honesty and Respect are all character traits that must be learned. Think about it!  How do we raise up our children not to be violent, not to choose drugs and excess alcohol, not to steal, not to resort to violence? How do we teach our children self-control? Has traditional teaching methods worked in today's societies?  I say NOT!

The best Program I have ever seen and have used with great success with my own family to teach character is The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. This is a program everyone can agree with, as it is non-religious, does not promote political or other agenda, and covers every age from Birth to Adult. They have Teaching Manuals, Workbooks for Children, and programs for adults including Prison Inmate Programs available at The Peaceful Solution's Official Website: The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporation

Positive Character Education is the GREATEST GIFT you can give your children and the world! Come Join with us in promoting this Multi-National, Multi-Cultural plan for TEACHING Peace. Be a part of "The World Wide Peaceful Solution Character Education Program" instead of continuing to be a part of the problem!

Do it for the it for your fellow it for the World! We cannot continue on the path we have been headed down. It is time for a positive change!  The real crime is not teaching the children!

"The choice is yours, make it a positive one."   Remember "Positive Character is not something that a child is born with, it has to be taught."

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