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Character Education - A Peaceful Solution For the War Raging Nations
Anger Management and Self Control - A Peaceful Solution for Kenny Rogers, Russell Crowe, and You
The Wrath of Katrina...and her Aftermath--Descent into Madness
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Character Education News and Commentary About the World We Live In Today

Why We Need Character Education Today

Character Education is more important today than ever. We live in a society that has not been taught basic moral values. The value of life and property, the value of respect and honesty. We constantly see in the news that character is set aside for the feeling of the moment. Anger, jealousy, hatred, and selfishness are instead placed center stage and acted upon. The time has come to bring character to the forefront again and raise the moral values we have as a society, and as individuals.

When to teach Character

It is never too late to start teaching character. No matter what the circumstances, or who is involved, everyone can benefit from character education. Both Children and adults will see positive changes in their lives when this character education program is followed. With it, we have a functioning society of self-controlled, respectful individuals, who think before they act and consider the consequences of their actions before deciding what direction those actions will take.  They then make the right positive choices.

Feature Article Excerpts

Character Education -A Peaceful Solution For the War Raging Nations

Who would have believed it --that it could be so easy? Why is the world blinded to it? The most simple, obvious solution and yet so powerful ...A Peaceful Solution that can and will transform the world.

It is time to get out of our self centered world and open our eyes to the horrible suffering of the children and the people world wide. We often hear the phrase "do it for the children" and "the children are our future" yet the children are being sacrificed by the thousands and by the millions. History repeats itself over and over. All our leaders have done is talk and ask for more money that drains away into useless programs that do nothing but coat the pockets of the fatcats!

Why is it that mankind's history has been a history of violence and bloodshed, misery and worldwide poverty caused by WAR?

We have been taught throughout our lives that "practice makes perfect" and that "what you put into it is what you get out of it". We were taught that by rehearsing our letters and practicing our reading we would comprehend and excel at the written word. We were taught that by rehearsing our numbers and practicing our math we would learn to count and conduct business. We were taught that by learning the concepts of physical prowess, then rehearsing and practicing, we would excel among our sports-enthused teammates.

Ask yourself why it is that the very first things we should have been taught were never taught and rehearsed to us. We do not consistently rehearse and methodically teach our children how to interact with each other and society. Yes, Character Education is LEAST in the minds of the world and LEAST in importance when it should be taught first and foremost above all.

Read full article: Character Education - A Peaceful Solution For the War Raging Nations...

Anger Management and Self Control -A Peaceful Solution For Kenny Rogers, Russell Crowe, and You

We hear a lot about Anger Management these days. There have been some high profile cases in the news lately where a celebrity lost his temper, and lost control -- of himself. Texas Rangers' star pitcher Kenny Rogers displayed an extreme lack of self-control when he shoved two cameraman on the field on June, 30, 2005. Even those around him in the world of sports think he has anger issues.  Rangers' General Manager John Hart was quoted as saying, "Kenny is having anger issues right now." And KDFW News Director Maria Barrs said, "I think it demonstrated an appalling lack of control. The team doing poorly is no excuse for assaulting a guy who's just doing his job." (Quoted from MSNBC article

Just a couple of weeks earlier, Russell Crowe, the lead actor in the movie Cinderella Man, lost his temper and his self-control when he could not make an international telephone call from his hotel, and threw a telephone at the hotel clerk. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Some people think these situations are funny, but in reality they are terrible. They are small examples of what can occur when someone is not trained to react appropriately in any situation they find themselves in.

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Leaders Offer Solutions To Juvenile Detentions
"How can Laredo, as a community, help its troubled youth gain a sense of self-confidence and self-worth to avoid the pitfalls of negative peer pressure and crime, as well as detention and incarceration?

In Webb County, the number of juveniles arrested doubled from 1993 to 2003, with drug offenses going up 500 percent. About 70 percent of children in the Webb County juvenile justice system are also repeat offenders.

This past week, different voices in the community gave various perspectives on and solutions to the growing problem.

Adam Rodriguez and Magarita Tagle, founders of CORE, a new coalition designed to assess the true needs of Laredos troubled youth, say the city needs to invest and attract more resources to bring better services and treatment facilities to help young offenders and their families...

Character Education

William Crouse of Peaceful Solution Character Education, however, said nothing will change if character education is not taught to young people.

"There is no cure for immoral behavior unless we educate kids about responsible behavior," said Crouse, whose nonprofit organization teaches classes out of Gregorys Driving School on Marcella Street.

His classes reinforce the concepts of ownership, respect and self-control. They also show how theft and stealing form the basis of hatred and violence toward fellow human beings.

"Weve educated our children to be warlike," Crouse said. "But we need to teach them character education, just like we teach them how to read, write and do math."

...Judge Manuel "Meme" Flores said he believes parents need to become more responsible for the behavior of their children, and not rely on the state or county to do the job for them.

In the absence of proper parental guidance, "our good institutions, such as churches, schools and local mentoring programs need to step up to the plate," he said.

...Fundamentally, however, Laredo and the rest of Texas should change its attitude about juveniles and juvenile detention, Flores argued...

Read more excerpts from this Laredo Morning Times article: Leaders Offer Solutions To Juvenile Detentions

The Wrath of Katrina and her Aftermath...Descent into Madness

Tragedy has a way of sifting people... and desperation adds an additional filter to separate the best in people from the worst. A prime example is the recent destructive force of Hurricane Katrina.

Compare the situations of Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. As the storm came towards the coastline, the residents of New Orleans gave a figurative sigh of relief as they learned Katrina had moved to the east, at the same time that the residents in Biloxi braced themselves to receive the brunt of the storm. Katrina was viscous as she pounded three states.

When the rain subsided and people began to survey the damage, they were shocked and dismayed in Mississippi, and in Louisiana they were thankful that they had been spared the worst. Everything changed for them overnight when canals, retaining walls and levees began failing. The city was flooded and the people were devastated.

Many in New Orleans had evacuated their homes to ride out the storm at the Superdome, and now found they were cut off from outside help. People from all over the city were trying to get to shelters, many going to the Convention Center as directed by local authorities.

The storm displaced over 1.5 million people from their homes. Many of the people who had moved to evacuation points were not evacuated right away. There were no facilites for food, water, or waste. Trash and sewage piled up, and emotions ran high as no relief was in sight.

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More Character Education In The News

Bush extends values debate to children -President says administration’s values campaign showing success   "WASHINGTON - President Bush is extending the political debate over values by citing evidence that strong families and communities are developing responsibility and character in the nation’s children..."
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Two sides of the coin: Multilevel prevention and intervention to reduce youth violent behavior. In D. Flannery & C.R. Huff (Eds), Youth Violence: Prevention, intervention and social policy (pp.47-72), Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press. Embry, D.D., & Flannery, D.J. (1999


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